Yankee Candles

We have a fantastic collection of Yankee Candles featuring a range of delightful fragrances in a variety of sizes and styles. Yankee Candle are hugely popular and their true-to-life scents offer a fragrance to suit any mood or moment. Whether you are looking for large jar candles for those bigger spaces or tea lights for a touch of fragrance, Yankee Candle have it covered!

Where It Began

Yankee Candle started in 1969 in USA when Mike Kitteredge decided to make his mother a candle as a gift. His neighbour saw the candle and wished to buy it, leading Mike to create more candles as gifts and to sell. From there Yankee Candle was born, grew and they now produce over 200 million candles each year. The range of candles and home fragrance products are available all over the world.

Authentic Fragrance

Each fragrance is developed by master perfumers using the finest ingredients, including natural fragrance extracts, to achieve the best quality and strength. The fragrances are then thoroughly tested to ensure the highest standards. Yankee Candle pride themselves on creating authentic and true-to-life fragrances from the freshness of Clean Cotton to the warmth of Cinnamon and the mouthwatering Tarte Tatin. Their candles can be grouped into fragrance families including fruity, floral, fresh, and even food & spice, to make it easier for you to select your favourites.

Yankee Candles & Home Fragrance Types

Here at Hallmark Thorntons you'll find a variety of different Yankee Candles. There are small, medium and large jar candles with their handy lids for keeping out dust when not in use. These jar candles look great, are long lasting and make wonderful gifts too. Alternatively there are votives (samplers) and tea lights that can be used in candle holders. Their smaller size makes them ideal for taking away with you on holiday or trips, for smaller spaces or for trying out or mixing fragrances.

Aside from candles, Yankee Candle also have delightful wax melts / tarts that have no wick and are used in melt warmers. These are fantastic for experimenting with mixing fragrances and getting creative. The wax melts can also be used in the electric warmers or you can choose the convenient Scenterpeice melt cups for a flameless home fragrance option. Also in the flameless category are Yankee Candle reed diffusers and fragrance spheres. There are so many options to choose from but all have the wonderful Yankee Candle fragrances.

Yankee Accessories

To accompany your Yankee Candles there are a range of stylish and fun accessories to choose from. If you have a jar candle then how about a jar holder to match your interior decor? Or a votive or tea light holder to house your candles and protect your surfaces. The Yankee Candle Illumalid's and shades are a fun decorative and practical addition to your jar candles. No only do they look the part but they help reduce the effects of drafts and produce a more even burn. The other accessories also include pieces for Yankee Candle home fragrance such as wax tart melt warmers and flameless Scenterpiece melt cup warmers.

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