Yankee Candle Scented Tea Lights

Yankee Candle scented tea lights are available in a wide range of your favourite Yankee fragrances from fruity to floral and fresh to food and spice. The tealights are the smallest form of Yankee Candles but still provide impact with their fragrance and are great for using in groups or individually. Find packs of 12 neatly stacked tealights ready to be used as a single scented candle or mixed with other scents to create your own unique blend.

Each Yankee Candle scented tea light provides 4 to 6 hours of fabulous fragrance and can be housed in a variety of stylish tea light holders. Their small size means they are great for smaller rooms or spaces and are designed for a single use burn. Perfect for taking with you on travels or holidays for a little luxury while away, as well as using tea lights to create a relaxing atmosphere in any room.

Using multiple Yankee Candle scented tea lights is an easy and affordable way to bring a beautiful ambience to a room through candlelight and fragrance. The handy sizes means they are easy to use in any space but remember to protect your furniture and surfaces. Stock up with these packs of 12 Yankee Candle tea lights and always have an exciting fragrance to hand when guests pop over or you want a relaxing evening.

We also stock the Yankee Candle unscented tea lights which are used in the melt warmers or oil burners. It is best to use the unscented tea lights so that you get the full effect of your choice fragrance wax melts or oil.

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