Yankee Candle Small Jars

Our small jar Yankee Candles are a perfect little treat for yourself or a loved one. These cute jar candles come with the same styling as the bigger jars, are a very convenient size and are available in the same wide variety of gorgeous fragrances too. They may be small but they certainly don't lack when it comes to the wonderful aromas from Yankee Candle.

The small Yankee Candle jars last for between 25 and 40 hours and measure approximately 8.5cm in height and 6cm in diameter. Their mini size make them perfect scented candles for taking with you wherever you go, as they fit easily into your bag and come with a lid for protection. So if you are going to a girly pamper day, popping over a friends or are away on a romantic break or holiday, these small jars are just right.

Another reason to opt for the small jar Yankee Candles is if you have less space or a smaller surface that you would like to display or use the candle on. A bigger jar candle might be too wide for the shelf or too tall to store in a cupboard when not in use. Whereas a smaller jar would be just right for a slim shelf or for when you don't want a candle to take up too much room on a table.

A great gift idea if you are unsure of which fragrance someone might like, is to buy a range of small Yankee Candle jars in different fragrances, so the recipient can have a selection to choose from. Much easier than putting all your eggs in one basket with a bigger jar if you are unsure of their tastes. It also makes it a more personal gift as you have put in the consideration and effort to hand selected the scented jar candles with them in mind.

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