Yankee Candle Scenterpieces

Explore the new Yankee Candle Scenterpieces; an Easy Melt Cup System that offers a stylish and flameless way to fill your home with beautiful fragrances. The Scenterpiece Melt Cup Warmers are fabulous decorative items that incorporate a recessed flameless heater which quickly melts the wax to release your chosen fragrance from the matching Melt Cups selection. Shortlisted for the Gift of the Year 2016 in the Home Fragrance category, these Yankee Candle Scenterpieces and a new and exiting range available here at Hallmark Thorntons.

Scenterpiece Warmers

The Yankee Candle Scenterpiece Warmer comes in a variety of styles from a graceful pink glazed ceramic to a bold black ceramic and would suit any home decor. The elegant designs of the Scenterpiece warmers make stylish additions to your room even when they are not in use. The warmers also have a six foot power cord to give you the flexibility when positioning the piece around the home. No more worrying about a naked flame around children or animals with this easy to use Scenterpiece warmer.

Scenterpiece Melt Cups

The Melt Cups have a wide range of wonderful fragrances to enjoy and each lasts around 24 hours. Drift away into a Midsummers Night or the comforting scent of Clean Cotton. The wax itself sits in a heat resistant plastic cup so you do not need to hand the wax and can simply lift it out when finished and change over to a new Melt Cup. A much cleaner and more efficient way of using wax melts without the need for a naked flame but will all the enjoyment of delightful fragrances.

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