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Yankee Candle are the world’s favourite scented candles and it isn't difficult to understand why. With a great look, authentic aromas, a fabulous variety of great scents and long burn times, what’s not to love about a Yankee Candles large jar or two?

The amazing success of Yankee Candle sprang from humble beginnings. Founder Mike Kittredge was a student struggling for money and in need of a gift for his mother. The enterprising teenager decided that he would have to make something himself and created am eye catching candle from some old wax crayons. The resulting candle looked so good that a neighbour wanted to buy it before he had even had a chance to present it to his mother. He agreed to sell his candle and then used the proceeds of the sale to make two more. His mother did get a candle but Kittredge was able to sell the other one. Yankee Candle had arrived!

These days the Yankee Candle range features a wonderful choice of incredible candles with varieties to suit all tastes and every mood. Each fragrance is created from pure, natural extracts to ensure the most authentic aroma and a memorable ambience for the home. There are fruity, spicy and seasonal fragrances to choose from together with varieties celebrating yummy treats, tropical shores and childhood memories. The uplifting and enticing candles are certainly a great addition to any home. Better still, with their funky jars and wonderful colours, they look good too.

The wonderful Yankee Candle range includes the ever popular Yankee large jar candles. The large jar candles really last! With their impressive burn times of up to 150 hours there is always plenty of time to enjoy those fabulous aromas. Whether you would like to treat yourself to a fruity delight like Orange Splash and Pink Grapefruit or the spicy indulgence of Cinnamon Stick you won’t be disappointed. Perhaps you are tempted by the taste bud tingling Tarte Tatin and Pain au Raisin or the comforting aroma of Baby Power?

With so many large jar candles to choose from it can be hard to decide which great fragrance to try next. Why not take advantage of our great multi buy offer? Choose any two Yankee large jar candles from the Hallmark Thornton's range to take advantage of this special deal and you will have double the pleasure or two great gifts for family and friends.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing aroma, an uplifting scent or something to set your stomach rumbling, you will find the perfect solution with Yankee Candles large jars. The large jar candles offer instant atmosphere, fabulous fragrance and a great decorative feature in one appealing package. What more could you ask for?

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