Yankee Candle Accessories

Your chosen selection of Yankee Candle jars, votives and wax melts should have beautifully designed Yankee Candle accessories to accompany them. Enhance your Yankee experience ever further with these stylish candle holders, shades, lids and melt warmers that will compliment your home decor.

Yankee Candle Votive Holders

Our range of Yankee Candle votive holders are available in modern ceramic, metals and a variety of glass colours and designs including eye catching mosaic. Whether you are buying one votive holder as an individual or several to display as a group, they will add a lovely decorative touch to your space. It is important with any votive candle to protect the surface of your furniture as votives are designed to liquefy as they burn and release fragrance. The Yankee Candle votive holders offer both traditional and contemporary styles and would make wonderful gifts alongside someones favourite fragrance.

Yankee Candle Jar Holders

If you prefer jar candles then the Yankee Candle jar holders are a great choice. You can choose from some stunning designs to work with your own decor and they will handsomely house your jar candles. Find intricate metal jar holders and elegant sandblasted glass holders in this collection.

Yankee Candle Jar Shades & Trays

The subtle light from a candle adds to the atmosphere of a room and now you can make a stunning feature of this light with the Yankee Candle jar shades. Simply place your chosen shade on top of your lit jar candle and it acts like a lampshade. Designed to fit large and medium jars and most shades come with a match tray to complete the look.

Yankee Candle Illuma Lids

Another clever accessory is the Yankee Candle Illuma Lid. A lid for a jar candle that is designed not only to enhance the look of the candle but also to reduce drafts that effect the flame. Pop the Illuma Lid on the top of the jar candle and it will help with distributing the fragrance.

Yankee Candle Melt Warmers

The Yankee Candle melt warmers are especially designed for use with the Yankee Candle tarts wax melts and an unscented tea light. Place the fragranced wax melt into the dished area at the top of the melt warmer and then light the plain tea light in the compartment underneath. As the wax melts it released the fragrance into the room. Designs for the Yankee Candle melt warmers include mosaic, glass, ceramic and metal so there is something to please your individual style.

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