Thorntons Fudge & Toffee Collection

Few can resist the treat that is delicious Thorntons Fudge and Thorntons Special Toffee. For some people both treats provide a nostalgic experience that takes them right back their childhood. For others fudge and toffee are the perfect way to satisfy their sweet tooth. Either way both treats are winning gifts that are guaranteed to raise a smile. If you are looking to spoil someone special with fudge or toffee then what you need is the best and that would be Thorntons.

It is little wonder that Thorntons confectionery tastes so good because Thorntons have been producing the finest confectionery for over 100 years. The story started in 1911 when Joseph William Thornton opened the first shop in Sheffield. He handed this to his sons and told them to make it the best sweet shop in town.

When the shop opened, toffee was one of the first treats to be offered alongside a range of interesting and unusual sweets. New products were developed in the succeeding years and the famous Easter eggs were introduced in 1922. The original toffee was improved upon and the new "Thorntons Special Toffee" proved to be incredibly popular. It is still a firm favourite today and is made using the same recipe. We have this exceptional toffee right here at Hallmark Thorntons.

In 1931 new premises led to the development of yet more special confectionery. The first chocolate truffles were produced together with fabulous fudge. The company’s first chocolatier, Walter Willen, joined in 1954 and stayed with the business for 30 years! Thorntons was to become the first name in chocolate, toffee and fudge.

Our delicious selection of Thorntons fudge and toffee includes chocolate smothered varieties which deliver the best of both worlds. If you can’t decide whether the gift of chocolate or fudge is the best choice then why not go for both at once? The Thorntons name is your assurance of the finest quality. You simply cannot go wrong with the gift from the Thorntons toffee and fudge collection.

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