Thorntons Chocolate Models & Figures

For those after a more unusual gift for those with a sweet tooth, then we have our collection of Thorntons chocolate models and figure to share with you. This fun range of shaped chocolate gifts are fantastic for children and adults alike. The novelty of eating a champagne bottle or football shoe is certainly entertaining. Not that we need much encouragement to consume these delightful chocolate models!

Let's Celebrate With Bubbly

These hollow Thorntons chocolate models are crafted to look like bottles of bubbly and are perfect for those occasions that call for a glass or two. Perhaps you need a gift for an anniversary or as a congratulations for passing an exam or an engagement? It could be a great alternative to a real bottle of champagne for someone who doesn't drink alcohol. We have two sizes of the delicious chocolate champagne bottles for you to choose from - 200g and 300g.

Fun with Chocolate Figures

Thorntons chocolate figures offer you a choice of characters from cute teddy bears and cheeky monkeys to princess fairies, and would make wonderful presents for children. They can enjoy the mix of white and/or milk chocolate that has been moulded into appealing figures; much more fun than a box of chocolates.

For the Sporting & Hobby Enthusiasts

Whether you or your team have just won a championship or tournament, or have achieved an important goal, they deserve a little reward to keep them motivated. Try football boot or trophy Thorntons model as a special prize. How about a chocolate thank you for your coach for all their hard work too?

Everyone has a hobby of one sort or another and the Thorntons chocolate models can cover that too! Find chocolate cars, handbags, cupcakes for the drivers, shoppers and bakers among us. These chocolate creations are not only fabulous to see but also delicious to eat and free from artificial colours and flavours.

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