Stoneglow Candles

Made in the UK from the finest ingredients, Stoneglow Candles are highly distinctive and feature unique fragrances for your home. There is nothing quite like the fabulous combination of candlelight and fine fragrance to imbue your home with the perfect ambience.

Creating the Perfect Scented Candle

The team at Stoneglow Candles are passionate about what they do and devote many hours to developing each new scented candle in the range. They work hard to evolve beautiful candles which look simply stunning and which also bring the most evocative scents to your home. Stoneglow candles burn at the perfect rate to provide long-lasting and consistent aromas.

Stoneglow candles are made using a unique blend of wax which burns slowly and cleanly. The candles are infused with fragrances created from natural ingredients and these are evenly distributed throughout the wax. Every candle is lovingly hand-poured and then cleaned and polished by hand for a perfect finish.

The Stoneglow Range

You will discover a gorgeous collection of gel candles, contemporary votives and diffusers in the Stoneglow range. The striking gel candles are like little works of art and so make for wonderful and memorable gifts. The gel candles are presented in glasses and bowls and feature pretty arrangements of fruits, flowers and spices which really draw the eye. The candles and diffusers are available in a wonderful array of fragrances including Winter Spice, Cinnamon & Orange, White linen and Hyacinth.

The Stoneglow range also features some lovely seasonal treats including the pretty Winter Snow Topped Candle Tin. You will also love the Twinkle Twinkle collection of gel candles which gives you the winning combination of a flickering flame, fine fragrance and more than a touch of sparkle. What more could you ask for?

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