Our Name is Mud Wine Glasses

There is no better way to enjoy your favourite tipple than drinking it from a special glass. Particularly if that glass was a gift to celebrate a special occasion. The Our Name is Mud wine glasses collection certainly ticks all the right boxes with their colourful designs and funky look.

About Our Name is Mud

Our Name is Mud was founded by Lorrie Veasey. Lorrie is a highly talented lady who discovered a love of ceramics as a toddler when she watched her mother work. Lorrie’s mother was a potter who was keen to teach her daughter and helped her to make her very first piece when she was just 3 years old. But Lorrie was to go on to teach youngsters herself before evolving her successful collection.

When Lorrie started to create her ceramics range, the pieces proved popular immediately. She sold them from stalls in New York but it wasn’t long before she was able to open her first shop. Her success continued and people around the world were able to enjoy her wonderful creations.

Novelty Wine Glasses

The fun and funky ceramics have since been joined by a fabulous range of wine glasses that feature unique designs, bright colours and a jaunty, uplifting look. Lorrie has many celebrity clients and her work has appeared on television and in the movies. There is something to suit everyone and all occasions in this collection.

These novelty wine glasses have bold and creative designs that make them perfect for gifts. The range includes milestone birthday ages from 18th to 50 something as well as bridesmaids and wedding themed designs. Perhaps you know a dog or cat lover that would adore a pet themed wine glass with a comical saying such as 'Everything tastes better with cat hair in it' or maybe you are searching for a happy retirement present for someone who can enjoy a glass or two at leisure? The Our Name is Mud wine glasses make fabulous gifts for those special occasions.

If you are looking for a memorable gift that the recipient is guaranteed to use, you really can’t go wrong with Our Name is Mud Wine glasses and we are delighted to feature these exciting pieces here at Hallmark Thorntons.

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