Willow Tree

Our selection of Willow Tree figurines are simply beautiful and capture touching moments and feelings through expressive gestures. Each of the Willow Tree people starts life as an original sculpture created by Susan Lordi, an artist based in Missouri. USA. She draws inspiration from her own life experiences and uses family and friends as models for her work to create powerful and elegant ornaments.

The Willow Tree figurines show a range of emotions that come across throughout our lives; from the devotion of a couple, to the bond between siblings or love between parents and children. The Willow Tree people perfectly convey the emotions and feelings though the body language captured in that moment. The anonymity of these pieces means that they could represent anyone and therefore make touching and thoughtful gifts for loved ones or even keen collectors of the range.

Once a Willow Tree figurine has been carved by Susan Lordi, it is then used to cast the rest of the collection in resin and hand painted with the subtle colours and details that complete the piece. Some of the figurines have symbols within them such as bunches of flowers or animals to enhance the meaning throughout the work.

So if you have a special occasion to buy a gift for or would like to send a present with real meaning, explore the Willow Tree figurines in this collection for your perfect sentimental piece.

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