Our Name is Mud Mugs

What better way is there to enjoy your preferred beverage than drinking it from your favourite mug? Or what better gift could there be for a tea or coffee lover than mug that matches their personality? The fabulous and amusing mugs from Our Name is Mud would certainly fit the bill.

Our Name is Mud was founded by the very talented Lorrie Veasey. Lorrie discovered ceramics as a toddler when she watched her mother work. Her mother was a potter and helped Lorrie to make her very first piece at the age of three. But it wasn’t until Lorrie became a teacher that she began selling her work.

Lorrie’s ceramics quickly attracted attention and were selling like hot cakes from stalls around New York City. It wasn’t long before Lorrie was able to open her first shop which offered her unique and striking products. One shop eventually became four and now people all around the world are able to enjoy her brilliant creations.

The fun and funky mugs from Our Name is Mud feature wonderfully bold colours and a variety of witty sentiments. Each mug is eye-catching and yet practical and so is definitely meant to be used. The diverse designs ensure that there is something to suit everyone. Lorrie Veasey’s work has featured in TV shows, the movies and many lifestyle magazines. She boasts celebrity clients including Robert DeNiro and Bill Murray and has appeared on television herself on several occasions.

We are pleased to be able to bring you the fabulous Our Name is Mud mugs. We love the quirky and colourful designs and feel that each piece represents the perfect gift for any occasion. We are sure that you will find plenty to please in this outstanding collection and will discover the perfect mugs for all of your family and friends.

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