Old Tupton Ware

Offering unique and charming gifts, the Old Tupton Ware collection features original British ceramics which are highly collectable. If you have been searching for a special gift with an air of quality, you will discover plenty to please in this appealing range. The Old Tupton Ware teddy bears and Old Tupton Ware tiles are simply gorgeous gifts that will truly make an impression.

Old Tupton Ware was founded in the Derbyshire village of Old Tupton in 2002. Designed in the UK, the attractive pieces quickly gathered an enthusiastic following. Each piece is hand-crafted by skilled professionals and begins life as slip (liquid clay) which is poured into moulds and allowed to set. Blemishes are manually removed by skilled turners and the pattern drawn by a talented tracer before the piece is fired.

We are sure that you will adore the gorgeous Teddy of The Month ceramic Old Tupton Ware teddy bears. The stylish pieces have been designed by Jeanne McDougall of Moorcroft. These collectable teddies each feature a different flower and there is a teddy for every month of the year making these little bears the perfect birthday gift.

This outstanding collection also includes a highly original range of ceramic tiles. The eye-catching tiles feature floral art, beach scenes and celebrations of coffee and so there is something for everyone.

We are delighted to include Old Tupton Ware in our range here at Hallmark Thorntons. We are always searching for unique and stylish gifts to showcase and that is exactly what we found when we discovered this unique British collection.

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