Grumpy Cat Gifts

The internet sensation Grumpy Cat has her very own range of gifts and collectables which make perfect presents for Grumpy Cat fans or cat lovers. Humorous grumpy cat soft toys feature her famous grouchy face and even a collection of amusing (or not so amusing) costumes.

Grumpy Cat's first appearance was a photo posted online in September 2012. When people thought that her image had been photoshopped, her owners released videos which then went viral and she became the little celebrity that she is now.

Grumpy Cat has her own website and raft of social media accounts and followers all keen for regular updates on her whereabouts and the latest Grumpy Cat photos and videos. She often sports comical outfits or sulks in various settings. Even with her fame, Grump Cat's owners take good care of her making sure she isn't over exerted by photo shoots or public appearances.

Our selection of Grumpy Cat gifts include GUND soft toys that showcase a variety of outfits which Grumpy Cat looks rather unimpressed by. The GUND toys range in size from 5 inches to 9 inches high and are made from super soft material. Perfect presents for Grumpy cat followers who get to have their very own Grumpy Cat to take home!

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