Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics is a British company offering a bright and fun selection of Bath Bombs, Soaps, Candles and Gift Sets, that are handmade using the best ingredients and essential oils. Enjoy a bath time even more with the fragrant bath bombs and melts, soaps that look good enough to eat and delightful scented candles. Can't decide? Then opt for Bomb Cosmetics gift set for a lovely mix that will make bath time extra special.

Bomb Cosmetics products are all handmade at their own premises and never tested on animals. The gorgeous bath time goodies are packaged in recycled and recyclable materials where possible and packaging is minimised for the benefit of the planet.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs

Our fabulous range of Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs will give you a wonderful bath time dip with a gorgeous aroma. There are fizzy Bath Blasters as well as the cute cupcake Bath Brulees and Cocoa Swirls which are all great ways to your enjoy your bath Bomb Cosmetics style!

Simply drop your bomb or melt into warm bath water and watch it fizz (or melt) away. The Bath Blasters are made from natural ingredients and feature essential oils, Cocoa Swirls are packed with cocoa butter as well and the Bath Brulees have enough cocoa and shea butter for several baths! Better still, the bath bombs and melts will fill the air with a lovely fragrance that you can revel in whilst you relax. There are plenty of exciting bath bombs to choose from and some of them will even add a little sparkle to your bath water!

Bomb Cosmetics Soaps

These colourful and fun Bomb Cosmetics soaps look so scrumptious that you can hardly believe they are not actually edible! These soaps are all handmade and sliced into portions for you to take home and enjoy. Like slices of cake you can see the layers of different colours and pretty patterns included inside. These soaps not only look wonderful but smell pretty good too - skilfully blended with essential oils to create fragrances that can help enhance your mood.

Bomb Cosmetics focus on producing all their products using the best ingredients they can source and without the use of parabens as a preservative. These soaps use vegetable based glycerine which makes them suitable for vegetarians and means they are gently cleansing, mild and ph neutral. Whether you are buying them for yourself or as a gift, these Bomb Cosemtics soaps will look fantastic in your bathroom and delight all that use them.

Bomb Cosmetics Candles

Bomb Cosmetics candles are so beautifully designed and crafted that they look scrumptious! However, these fabulous candles aren't all about the look. The amazing essential oil fragrances fill your home with appealing aromas which transform the ambiance and truly lift your spirits.

There are stunning tinned and glass piped candles to choose from and a variety of fragrances, many of which partner bath and body products in in the range. The Bomb Cosmetics candles are wonderful treats for yourself and the perfect gifts for family and friends. These unique yet affordable candles are sure to make an impression.

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