Thorntons Revelations

The Thorntons Revelations milk and dark chocolate selection boxes are the prefect treat for those looking for a little less sugar in their lives but still want to enjoy the delicious flavours from Thorntons. With 30% less sugar the Thorntons Revelations chocolates are still 100% indulgent and delicious.

Each of the boxes contains a selection of individual chocolates with the large 298g boxes of Thorntons Revelations having around 25 flavours to choose from. There are also smaller 200g boxes available. Find yummy flavours including Mocha Coffee and tantalizing Lime and Chilli, as well as the satisfying dark chocolate plaque.

The Thorntons Revelations chocolates have 30% less sugar per 100g compared to the Thorntons Classic Milk, Dark and White Favourites Selection and are also free from artificial sweeteners, colours, flavourings, have no gluten-containing ingredients and are suitable for vegetarians. Making them perfect gifts for someone who adores chocolate but wants to be a little more watchful over their sugar intake.

Since the 1910's Thorntons have been lovingly crafting beautiful chocolates and their Revelations selections boxes are another wonderful addition to the collection. Enjoy a box with all the family or purchase some as a touching present for a loved one or a special occasion.

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