Ashleigh & Burwood Large Fragrance Lamps

A delightful collection of Ashleigh & Burwood large fragrance lamps that will cleanse, refresh and fragrance your home. Hand crafted designs combined with beautiful fragrances make these large lamps a luxurious and stylish addition to any space. The Ashleigh & Burwood lamps use a century-old catalytic combustion technique which helps to remove unwanted odours, while gently releasing gorgeous fragrances into your room.

How Do Ashleigh & Burwood Lamps Work?

The catalytic fragrance lamp came into existence when a French pharmacist created catalytic combustion as a way of disinfecting the air in hospitals in 1898. The catalytic burner captures and destroys microorganisms and molecules that carry odours in the air, therefore purifying it. The Ashleigh & Burwood large lamps then also release your chose fragrance so the air is cleansed and then perfumed.

Ashleigh & Burwood Large Fragrance Lamp Designs

The methods haven't changed much since then but in the 1920's various designers were commissioned to create stunning lamps that could be made available for the public to use at home. Nowadays there are a wide range of different Ashleigh & Burwood large fragrance lamp designs available from the classic and ornate mosaic lamps to contemporary fragrance lamps. Ashleigh & Burwood have their own in house design team that are constantly working on new and exciting designs.

The Ashleigh & Burwood large fragrance lamps are approximately 16 cm in height and 10cm in width. They are made of glass or ceramic and come with a wick and stone assemble, decorative crown and snuffer cap as well as instructions on how to use them.

How To Use The Lamps

Instructions are provided with the Ashleigh & Burwood large fragrance lamp but here is a quick overview of how the catalytic lamps work.

The lamps are filled with your chosen Ashleigh & Burwood fragrance (about 2/3 full) and then the stone and wick assembly is inserted into the lamp. Pop the snuffer cap on to prevent the fragrance from evaporating while it soaks for 20-30 mins. On a heat resistant surface, remove the snuffer cap and light the stone. Leave for 2-3 mins and then blow out the flame and cover with your decorative crown lid. The stone stays hot and draws the fragrance through the wick. The lamps can be used for up to 40 mins and then extinguished by removing the decorative crown lid and covering with the snuffer cap.

Here at Hallmark Thorntons we stock a wonderful selection of Ashleigh & Burwood large lamps and the lamp fragrance to go with them. You can also get free UK delivery when you spend over £25.

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