Ashleigh & Burwood Gift Sets

Our selection of Ashleigh & Burwood gifts sets make fabulous presents for those that adore home fragrances. The gift sets come with a stylish hand crafted mosaic lamp and a 250 ml bottle of beautiful lamp fragrance. The chosen scent and lamp come in a smart black and gold gift box ready to go.

The Ashleigh & Burwood lamps use a catalytic combustion process to purify the air while also releasing fragrance to the room. They destroy molecules that can carry odours and help to cleanse and refresh the home. If you know someone that loves having a clean house or trying new home fragrances then an Ashleigh & Burwood gifts set would be a great alternative to candles or diffusers.

Trying to find a gift for pet owner? Perhaps someone who owns a cat or dog? Then the Ashleigh & Burwood gift sets would be both a stunning and practical gift. The lamps are effective at reducing unwanted cat and dog odours and then releasing their beautifully blended aromas. None of the fragrances are tested on animals and the lamps can be used around animals provided they are safely out of reach.

Each of the lamps has a pretty mosaic design in a range of colours from black and mahogany to pearlescent and silver. The wonderful orb shape is pleasing to the eye and would fit with a range of interiors styles from traditional to contemporary. Ashleigh & Burwood gifts sets are great to get you started with catalytic lamps and then you can continue to explore the full range of stunning fragrances available.

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