Lolita Pint Glasses

You can’t help but be excited by the colourful and original Lolita pint glasses. These cheerful and funky glasses are available in a variety of uplifting and original designs and there is something to suit all occasions. Memorable gifts can be hard to find but these fabulous beer glasses offer something that little bit different that makes them stand out from the crowd.

The Inspiration Behind Lolita Designs

So how did the talented Lolita come up with such a great idea? Well, her epiphany occurred when she was enjoying a night out with her friends. She was partaking of a cocktail when she was struck by how plain the glass was in comparison to the drink it held. All of her friends’ drinks had been served in equally uninspired glassware. Lolita was a creative sort and began to think about altogether more colourful ways to present drinks.

Lolita was soon designing an outstanding range of glassware that people simply loved and which provided a colourful array of eye catching gifts. Every glass reflects both her creative skills and her personality.

Why Lolita Pint Glasses?

Each and every Lolita pint glass is a genuine triumph. The sport and movie themes are brought to life in bright colours and characterful designs. Perhaps one them is just perfect for you or the gift you need for a birthday or anniversary. Each glass is designed by Lolita and is then hand blown and hand painted so every piece is unique. The beer glasses are also beautifully packaged and so will always make the right impression.

Lolita had a wonderful idea and made her vision a reality. Her glasses are truly special and certainly add the fun factor to any occasion.

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